What we are anout here at Zabooba is recording memories and alowing your family and friends add their rendition of the mempory.You can add new memories or go back as far in the past as you like.  Keep a digital account for your friends and family to read minus all the adds inbetween.

Zabooba is a Social Network platform where you can post just like you do on facebook but what we don't have is all the add's that keep showing up on your page no mater how many times you get rid of them.  The only add's we have are under sponsors. You can see only post by your friends unless you want to join a group then you can see post by that group.  We do have a hangout app where you can talk live with your friends and via video.  We have a live chat room where you can chat with other people and it has many features like posting video in the chat.  We have an interactive map where you can find a business in southport nc easily.  We are adding features and improving the site daily.